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Northern Ireland

“In Northern Ireland, a Bill of Rights was promised as a part of the Good Friday Agreement more than 23 years ago, yet this has still not been fulfilled by the UK Government. Women in Northern Ireland have been consistently afforded less human rights protections than their counterparts in the rest of the UK and Ireland, and it is time we had our own Bill of Rights in Northern Ireland where international mechanisms such as CEDAW can be incorporated; particularly as this is something the people of NI already voted overwhelmingly in favour of in 1998. As a devolved nation, we believe a strong Bill of Rights for NI would benefit all citizens, and a Women’s Bill of Rights across the rest of the UK would continue to raise human rights standards and ensure women are able to access and enjoy robust human rights protections. The UK government is the duty bearer for human rights, and they must incorporate CEDAW and other international mechanisms into domestic law, while recognising existing commitments to a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland through the Good Friday Agreement.”'


Rachel Powell

Women’s Sector Lobbyist

Women’s Resource and Development Agency

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Composite Motion:
Women's Equality after the Coronavirus Pandemic

Conference calls on the Labour Party to develop a comprehensive COVID-recovery plan that specifically addresses the needs of women. Conference notes with concern the serious impact the pandemic has had on women's equality: especially when it comes to jobs and employment. Conference believes that......

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Author: The Hon Dr Jocelynne Scutt AO, President, CEDAW People's Tribunal, will be found here and CEDAWinLAW.COM over the weekend.



Why we need a Women's Bill of Rights YouTube Link with Dr Nazir Afzal OBE QC, former Chief Prosecutor and Legal Constant, CEDAW People's Tribunal


Women's Bill of Rights

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