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Supreme Court Decision Overturned by Dissenting Judge's Report


In the Summer of this year, a landmark event took place - one which provided the best Christmas gift to #50sWomen they ever imagined they'd ever receive amid an asymmetric war perpetrated by "privileged white men".

CEDAWinLAW People's Tribunal 2022 The Hon Dr Jocelynne Scutt AO presided as Judge over the Tribunal to 'examine the impact of the State Pension age changes on #50sWomen'. Witnesses provided testimonies during the one-day livestream broadcast of the Tribunal.

See YouTube Here

Dr Elgun Safarov, Deputy Chair, CEDAW Committee, Geneva, provided his evidence to the Tribunal amid the latter Committee's own examination of the UK State Party's poor adherence - for over four decades - to the ratified International Treaty. Dr Safarov's Report will be published in the New Year and is anticipated by Women to be scathing of the govt's record.

Commissioner Crushes Court' Judge's Report : Visit to 10 Downing Street

'Wednesbury Unreasonableness' of the UK Supreme Court's earlier Judicial Review decision forensically disembowelled by Anti-Discrimination Commissioner in her Judge's Report as she calls to immediately meet with the Prime Minister and his Chancellor. Dr Scutt was accompanied by Ian Byrne MP to deliver Early Day Motions 2296, 906 and 430: evidence of the substantial Parliamentary Will to remedy the injustice suffered solely by #50sWomen. See the news on our website Here

'Direct Discrimination' found against 3.8m #50sWomen'

On 28th November 2022, Dr Scutt presented the Judge's Report to Parliamentarians who were spellbound by her globally respected opinions. Cross-party agreement was reached by attendees in matters of plans forward about which news will follow. Watch Dr Scutt's address to Parliamentarians regards 'Direct Discrimination' against #50sWomen Here

Call for Parliament to immediately meet its (2019)

'Dept Of Honour' to 50sWomen

Could you sign the petition Here please

"We will change the Law"

"I’m a barrister and I know the law doesn’t protect women and girls – it needs to change. We WILL change the law for women and girls" Dr Charlotte Proudman Patron @DrProudman CEDAWinLAW.COM Cambridge Academic & Founder @Right2Equality in partnership with @GoodLawProject "Power in parliament and legal system is concentrated in the hands of largely privileged, white men, whose experiences are reflected in the law, leaving women and girls suffering invisibly on our statute books. Prof MacKinnon Advisor @Right2Equality

How Margaret Thatcher's Legacy can undo the damage she did to #50sWomen

Read David Hencke's Blog on the subject Here

Direct Discrimination: Former Judge Jocelynne Scutt’s verdict on the 50swomen pension delay

David Hencke's Blog 28th Nov 2022 Read the Blog Here

Rother's Interviews on Salford City Radio Hon Dr Jocelynne Scutt AO Interview 06/11/2022 Listen Here David Hencke Investigative Journalist Interview 17/11/2022 Listen Here Ian Byrne MP of the Year Interview 23/11/2022 Listen Here

Thank you all for your ongoing support which is hugely appreciated. With best wishes On behalf of all at CEDAWinLAW People's Tribunal CEDAWinLAW.COM @2020Comms

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