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Updated: Aug 9, 2022

"Any judge has to uphold the law whether domestic or international law.". Lady Brenda Hale Ex President UK Supreme Court When resigning, as Boris Johnson's Ethics Minister, Lord Geidt echoed the above fact and added:- "It is widely still held that a breach of International Law would, in turn, represent a prima facie breach of the Ministerial Code.". Lord Geidt Similarly, a ratified International Law, CEDAW, obliges the UK State Party to adhere to its Articles & General Recommendations. Under this ratified International Treaty, the CEDAW Committee, Geneva, just slammed the UK government - for again - failing to seriously adhere to its UK State Party Obligations. [As victims of such apparent negligence, #50sWomen observed with tears in their eyes and nursing empty purses as Michael Mansfield QC, Nexus Chambers, argued in the Divisional Court - as part of a Judicial Review mounted by backto60com - that a sub-class, namely, 3.8m #50sWomen, had been created by the pointedly sudden, swift and steep, state pension escalation, by stealth.] CEDAW requires historical Discrimination (against all Women) to be eliminated and Full Restitution the sole lawful remedy. The impact of the irrefutable historical Discrimination - as also identified by hundreds of MPs via Early Day Motions - against all #50sWomen will be examined tomorrow at the Tribunal Hearing. The pro bono work of our expert advisers - who stand high above others in their fields - has not only enabled the Hearing to take place but for it to be broadcast worldwide in their names. Subscribe for free and watch our livestream Tribunal on WomensBillOfRights YouTube Channel


Let's take the opportunity here to now express our gratitude for such a dignified honour. Working harmoniously and energetically behind the scenes, in the name of justice, sit a proud squad of lauded volunteers consisting of the Steering Group, 'The Best Team' and graduate Legal Assistants at CEDAWinLAW.COM We are immensely proud of our unparalleled work in this arena - on behalf of 3.8m #50sWomen - having also won the hearts and minds of major International Alliances prepared to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us, as facts are spoken to the Wednesbury Unreasonableness of the earlier Supreme Court decision and the Parliamentary and PHSO malaise to deliver on Manifesto undertakings. "Restrictions on Judicial Review challenges may be motivated more by desire to avoid political embarrassment than the need to save money.". Lady Brenda Hale Ex President Supreme Court #50sWomen have promised themselves that the said Supreme Court "paper-thin ruling, as a matter of public record" - as noted by Michael Mansfield QC, Nexus Chambers - will echo in eternity as sabotage of Women's Rights. "Mr Johnson Women will have our Rights. Women will have the Rights for women and girls. You can come on board to ensure that it's your govt that brings about this change or be left behind in the dust.". Hon Dr Jocelynne Scutt AO Ex President CEDAW PEOPLE'S TRIBUNAL 2021: at 10 Downing Street The eminent, Lady Justice, The Hon Dr Scutt AO, will tomorrow hear testimonies, at the LIVESTREAMED CEDAWinLAW PEOPLE'S TRIBUNAL, from Witnesses who have courageously stepped-forward for our day-in-court denied to #50sWomen - despite having been granted leave to appeal on all grounds on the steps of the Supreme Court. The voice of 3.8m #50sWomen will echo in eternity on the right side of history thanks to our magnificent team. Joanne Welch Founder

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