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Full Restitution for ALL 50sWomen

Dear Loyal Supporters These two petitions are vitally important. See below. Should you not yet have had a chance to sign them, please do so now and then share them with your networks with an invitation to do likewise. Full Restitution for ALL #50sWomen Listen to the radio speech: Here The Coalition's astounding volte face for #50sWomen #StatePension created the swiftest, steepest 'Reforms' for the meanest State Pension in Europe *BY STEALTH*, for 1950's Women cohort. As a result, #StatePension #50sWomen are "grotesquely disadvantaged" - Frank Field MP, Chair, Work & Pensions Select Committee (Report 2016). #50sWomen had become "spreadsheet anomalies" - collateral damage - amidst the fallout from crash of the economy. Uniquely, their well-being and finances have been swiftly and stealthily annihilated: #BackTo60 - the return of their earned dues, in full - is what #50sWomen demand.

Sign & Share and invite recipients to do likewise please State for work & pensions petition Here CALL FOR UK PRIME MINISTER TO ***OVERTURN*** THE UK SUPREME COURT'S RULING THAT backto60com's JUDICIAL REVIEW WAS **TIME-BARRED** AND TO PROVIDE FULL RESTITUTION FOR ALL #50sWOMEN Lady Justice Lang granted permission in the High Court for backto60com's Judicial Review, Substantive Hearing, based 'all points raised arguable': it was **NOT TIMED-OUT** (2018) Throughout the process to the UK Supreme Court, failed attempts were made to throw-out the substantive legal challenge by James Eadie QC, 'The Treasury Devil' but he failed at every step. The UK Supreme Court accepted all backto60com's substantive arguments raised in their Application for a Hearing and permitted the Judges to consider a Hearing to take place. (2020) The Judges refused a Hearing proporting the Judicial Review to be **TIMED-OUT** (2021) Listen to Radio interview Here Michael Mansfield QC made the said Supreme Court's "Paper-Thin" Refusal to Hear the Judicial Review a matter of Public Record. (2021) Time for a dissenting Opinion? US Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's 'Dissenting Opinion' supported the US Lilley Ledbetter Discrimination case: "I would hold Ledbetter’s claim is **NOT TIME-BARRED** and would REVERSE the Eleventh Circuit’s judgment." -RBG Wednesbury Unreasonableness Lord Diplock once described such legal irrationality as `a decision which is so outrageous in its defiance of logic or of accepted moral standards that no sensible person who had applied his mind to the question to be decided could have arrived at it'.

Former President Barack Obama first piece of legislation 'Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act 2009' which 'OVERTURNED' US Supreme Court insistence that Ledbetter Discrimination case was ***OUT OF TIME*** This blog post details the life of equal pay trailblazer Lilly Ledbetter. Read the blog Here US PRESIDENT OBAMA OVERTURNED THE US SUPREME COURT'S RULING WITH A FAIR PAY ACT (2009) NOW IS THE TIME FOR UK PRIME MINISTER TO OVERTURN UK SUPREME COURT'S DECISION AND TO BRING ABOUT 'FULL RESTITUTION' LEGISLATION FOR ALL #50sWOMEN AS PER HIS 2019 PRE-ELECTION PROMISE PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION TODAY Petition to sign Here Best wishes from all the team

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