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Ombudsman Blames Victims Not Offenders

Exclusive: Leaked Parliamentary Ombudsman report blames 50s Women for not understanding they would have to wait six more years for a pension Read David Hencke's Blog Here

Every 14th minute a 1950's Woman dies having been blamed for "not understanding" they would have had to wait 6 more years for a State Pension. #DARVO is an acronym for 'Deny, Attack, Reverse, Victim with Offender' & it is an oft-quoted tenet. Those blamed #50sWomen still living face an apocalyptic crises with least resilience. The sole lawful solution is #FullRestitution for ALL #50sWomen The Co-Chairs of the APPG [State Pension] and the Chair, Work & Pension Select Committee have Been called upon to provide parity of democratic engagement to us via ratified CEDAW wherein the UK State Party's Obligations to the Treaty are in hand. Write today to your MP and demand Full Restitution and add the petitions below as evidence.

CEDAW Training Here CEDAW UK Rep Here CEDAW In Law Here 70,000 Call For Full Restitution Here

Jackie Jones on YouTube Here

Best wishes from

Joanne Welch & Team

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