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One Minute To Midnight...

Award Winning Investigative Journalist & Veteran Lobby Correspondent

David Hencke

Exclusive: Betrayal – Parliamentary Ombudsman dumps on 3.6 million 1950s born women Read about it Here Subscribe for free here


Judge, CEDAWinLAW People's Tribunal 2022, The Hon Dr Jocelynne Scutt AO calls for Full Restitution for all 1950's born Women

"Government and Parliament have a responsibility to face up to and acknowledge the grave wrong done. There is no room for obfuscation or quibbling. Historical Discriminating requires relief. There is a moral imperative to right this wrong. The law is on the side of 1950's born Women. 1950's born Women alone are the group targeted. This is a debt of law and honour. Full Restitution is the only proper legal, ethical and moral outcome. Full Restitution must be honoured.".


Dr Scutt presides over Women's Parliament held at Guildhall, Cambridge

Dr Davina Lloyd calls from the Women's Parliament for Prime Minister Sunak to Overturn Supreme Court Decision video Here

*See Full address to Prime Minister Sunak in pdf. below


*Call to action: Sign & share the petition Here


*Listen to One Minute To Midnight...

Where Ian Rothwell interviews David Hencke and Founder of CEDAWinLAW People's Tribunal

*Follow @2020Comms to help spread the claim for Full Restitution


Has UK State Party breached ratified CEDAW: if so, does any such breach, in said matter, represent a prima facie case of Misconduct in Public Office

With Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year

On behalf of all at

CEDAWinLAW People's Tribunal



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