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Our Day In Court

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Dear Loyal Supporters,

We welcome you all to our site We look forward to your ongoing support It's really so good to be in touch with you to share our latest news.

CEDAWinLAW PEOPLE'S TRIBUNAL On the back of the lauded success of CEDAW PEOPLE'S TRIBUNAL (2021) we are delighted to now announce the CEDAWinLAW PEOPLE'S TRIBUNAL 2022 will be livestreamed on 13th July 2022 out of our Women's Bill of Rights YouTube Channel. 'Subscribe for free here to be notified of the livestream' Please click on this LINK Hon Dr Jocelynne Scutt AO returns to preside as Judge at the Hearing where witnesses will provide testimonies ' to examine the impact of the State Pension age deferrals on #50sWomen We are most proud of our eminent Legal Consultants and Academic Advisors @ nazirafzal @ samsmethers @ premnsikka @ drproudman @ davidhencke @ john_cooper_qc and our squad of qualified Legal Assistants who all support the Tribunal on a pro bono basis. Our volunteer Steering Group and 'The Best Team' units complete the organisation. We look forward to welcoming you along to the Hearing on 13th July 2022 so save the date. 'Subscribe for free here to be notified of the livestream' LINK to WBoR YouTube and follow @2020Comms for breaking news.

Whilst writing, we add below two blogs by David Hencke; a Report and a Call to Action: - JOHNSON'S CULTURE WAR AGAINST JUDGES HAVING A 'CHILLING EFFECT' ON RULE OF LAW' Warns Parliamentary Report Please click on the LINK to read the blog 'LORD REED: THE SUPREME COURT PRESIDENT BACKING THE GOVT AGAINST THE PEOPLE' "In my opinion the real reason may well have been that Lord Reed loathed campaigning groups like BackTo60 and hated well known ”activist lawyers” like Michael Mansfield. Also his decision would not affect a single man - only elderly women would suffer." Please click on the LINK to read David Hencke's blog.

All Party Parliamentary Group on democracy and the constitution An independent Judiciary - Challenges since 2016 Click on the button below to see the report.

Call To Action PRIME MINISTER OVERTURN THE SUPREME COURT DECISION AND DELIVER ON YOUR WELL OVERDUE UNDERTAKING TO #50sWOMEN Do something for yourself and ALL #50sWomen - it will take just seconds to do - and for which you, yourself, and younger generations will forever be grateful. It's vitally important to Sign & Share it Please click on this LINK to sign The Petition Thank you CEDAWinLAW Team

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