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Legal Assistants

Clara Guirau_edited.jpg

Clara Guiraua

I am interested in all parts of law but mostly helping and encouraging the most vulnerable, disadvantaged groups in our society.

Chanda Chitoshi_edited_edited.jpg

Chanda Chitoshi

Chanda Chitoshi has an LLB degree from Swansea University. She is be progressing with her studies at Maastricht University obtaining her LLM in Globalisation and Law specialising in Human rights.

Katie Capstick_edited.jpg

Katie Capstick

Katie has gained experience at the UN and in the UK women’s rights sector. She also has an LLM in Gender, Conflict and Human Rights and is passionate about human rights law compliance.

Joanna Veimou_edited.jpg

Joanna Veimou

Joanna has been volunteering at CEDAW People’s Tribunal since 2020 because she believes in the upholding of women’s rights as human rights.

Olivia Usani .jpeg

Olivia Usani

I am Olivia Usani, a final year law student at the University of Kent. My passion for human rights emanated from extensive research on vulnerable groups and law reform during my course

Joy  Edogbanya.jpg

Joy Edogbanya

Joy Edogbanya finished her LLM in International Business Law at Queen Mary University of London attaining a Distinction. She is currently completing the Bar Training Course at BPP Law School.

Laura  Petriti.jpg

Laura Petriti

I hold a LLB in law from University of Sunderland and currently an LPC student at University of Sunderland LLM in Electronic Surveillance, Data Protection and Human Rights

Suhaila Sammy Sandhu_edited.jpg

Suhaila Sammy Sandhu

I am a recent law graduate pursuing human rights law

Ginny Butcher_edited.jpg

Ginny Butcher

Virginia Butcher is a law graduate (LPC LL.M course) and a disability activist; and has published articles and given radio interviews on disability related subjects.

Shauna Lyttle.jpeg

Shauna Lyttle

I am a current law student, and champion of all fundamental rights

Danai Spentzou_edited.jpg

Danai Spentzou

A passionate human rights advocate, that is currently working at the European Parliament´s Committee for Human Rights and the Committee for the Environment, Health and Food Safety.

Manuella Attoh_edited.jpg

Manuella Attoh



Katie Wheeler

Katie Wheeler is a LLB graduate from the University of Kent and is passionate about women's rights, feminism and achieving equality for all women, and recognises the implementation of CEDAW is an important step to achieving this

Savannah Foster_edited.jpg

Savannah Foster

I am a first class LLB Law with German Law as well as a first class MSc Business Management (Entrepreneurship) graduate, as a woman starting a career in management within a global corporation, I am particularly passionate about supporting women’s rights within the field of employment to attain equal opportunities for higher level senior positions and equal pay. 


Brittany Smart

My name is Brittany Smart. I am an international student from the island of Barbados. I have completed my Law LLB at the University of Kent and doing my Bar Training Course and LLM in International Human Rights. 

Ranime Djouider_edited.jpg

Ranime Djoulder

Ranime is a PhD candidate at Durham University focusing on international human rights law and minority cultural rights

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