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MP of The Year Ian Byrne Calls for Full Restitution for ALL #50sWomen

EDM 430 for 50s Women Tabled on the 11th October 2022 By MP Ian Byrne Patron for 50s Women

Dear Loyal Supporters, MP of the Year' @ianbyrnemp is calling on the government to enact a #CEDAW Temporary Special Measure to provide #FullRestitution to ALL #50sWomen #EnoughIsEnough Previously HUNDREDS of #MPs showed their support and signed #EDM2296 #EDM906 both fell due to prorogation (closure) of Parliament. Thank you to each of 29 supportive #MPs who immediately signed #EDM430 upon its release 11th Oct 2022 We are now asking all our supporters to contact your own MPs urgently and ask them to sign this latest EDM430 (link below) Ask your MPs to Sign EDM430 Please?


PHSO Reports for ALL #Maladministration victims below: 'The Six' . @bindmansLLP .@PHSOmbudsman 2018 #Maladministration Agreement for ALL #50sWomen reigns The same for #FullRestitution for ALL #50sWomen #Discrimination THE TWO PHSO reports. (links below for your information)

Ask your MPs to Sign EDM430 Please?

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