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The Judge's Report 2022


Read The Judge's Report Here

Delivery of The Judge's Report to Prime Minister YouTube Here


Legal Challenge

A legal challenge out of CEDAWinLAW PEOPLE'S TRIBUNAL 2022 has been identified, should 1950's Women wish to pursue it.

CEDAW Inquiry

An Inquiry by the CEDAW Committee, Geneva, is also an option, should 1950's Women wish to pursue it.

CEDAW Examination

The UK State Party is currently being examined by the Committee for is poor performance against ratified CEDAW's Articles & General Recommendations: results in the New Year.


Former US President Barack Obama OVERTURNED US Supreme Court Decision

Former US President, Barack Obama utilised the Dissenting Opinion by the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Lilley Ledbetter Discrimination case: his first piece of legislation OVERTURNED the US Supreme Court's 'out of time' Decision

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to OVERTURN UK Supreme Court Decision

The Right Hon Rishi Sunak, has the power to OVERTURN the UK Supreme Court's 'out of time' Decision in the Discrimination matter regards 1950's Women utilising the Dissenting Opinion inherent in the Judge's Report where Direct Discrimination is found.

Call To Action

The Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition now have a perfect opportunity to return the earned dues to 1950's Women who have always made the right choices.

Temporary Special Measure

An Erskine May proof 'Temporary Special Measure' is just one Parliamentary mechanism - used successfully in such Discrimination matters - to swiftly remedy the Direct Discrimination.

Nothing to lose and everything to gain - for what are YOU waiting?

At this 11th Hour, gift yourself the opportunity to recapture what remains of your well earned Golden Years ...

Sign & share the latest petition Here

Invite your MPs to support Ian Byrne MPs Early Day Motion 430 Here


Check Out Women's Parliament Here


With Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year

On behalf of all at

CEDAWinLAW People's Tribunal



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